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  Level The Playing Field

Level the Playing Field is an initiative that BAC/ADC NJ will be supporting along with NJ 101.5 Radio.

Spots will be aired on the station in regular intervals that will help us get out the message.

NJ 101.5 Radio Spot Soundbite

Level the Playing Field

Information, Quotes and Links..


The Shadow Economy - June 2014.pdf

Underground Economy 2011.pdf

Center for Immigration Studies - www.cis.org

Motivations to Hire Alien Workers by David North - Hint, It's Not A Labor Shortage!

It centers around the reasons that employers are willing to take shortcuts and use the undocumented status as leverage for their bottom line profit.

 Wikipedia - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page

* Wikipedia- Economic Impact of Illegal Immigrants in the United States 

“Illegal immigrants are only a drain on government when they are incapable of paying taxes”. 

…”estimates $113 billion per year of federal, state and local tax dollars….” 

Examiner.com Article www.examiner.com

The Undocumented Construction Worker : Employer Abuses Stephen Walker

"There are thousands of undocumented construction workers in the United States. However, this article is focusing on the New York / New Jersey metropolitan area. Where should we begin this discussion? Let's talk about the abuses that these men and women are having to deal with from their employers..."


Federation for American Immigrant Reform - www.fairus.org

“The fiscal burden of illegal immigrants on US taxpayers”. (2013) 

“It is just unfair to law-abiding, taxpaying American citizens” 

* NYTimes.com- “Way North of the Border”. Susan Marner.  

“If a non-union laborer can make $15/hour, why does an undocumented worker make $9/hour?” 


Resources and Links

Work Place Fairness -  workplacefairness.org

Workplace Fairness is the most comprehensive resource online for free information about workers’ rights.

Fair treatment of workers is sound public policy and good business practice, and access to information about workers’ rights is an essential ingredient in any fair workplace. 


Contact Your State Legislator

To Contact your state legislator regarding the underground economy in the construction industry in New Jersey, please use the link below: 


Here you will find multiple links to many different levels of government for the state of NJ

Thanks for getting involved and let's work together to put an end to these unfair practices.

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